Gift Basket for a New Bride

This past summer we had a new bride move into our community and I wanted to give her a welcome-to-the-community gift.  I’m often short on resources, but I’ve learned that adding a few special touches take a gift from things to a gift from the heart.  I’ll show you a few pictures and hopefully it can inspire you.

[collection of gifts ready for the bag]


Here’s a picture from the new bride gift basket I assembled for the women’s seminar:


Gift ideas:

::Marital Bliss with a Kiss of Reality

–because sometimes you need someone who understands


:: Specialty drink

–because there’s always a good time to share a drink under the stars


:: Package of tissues

–because even in this happy time, I know you’ll need them


::Quick meal or gift card or invitation

–because sometimes carefully planned meals flop.


::Pregnancy test

–because sometimes you need peace of mind.


:: Gum

–because you always want to have kiss-ready breath


This is a start.  What would you add to the list?


4 thoughts on “Gift Basket for a New Bride

  1. ::Deodorant – because there’s no need to sweat it.

    ::Needle, thread, and seam ripper – because we rip what we sew.

    ::Lubricant: because patience isn’t one of his virtues.

  2. What a neat idea…just lovely!! The book is the no.1 thing to put in the basket and the other things are all complimentary! Thanks for the inspiration! I still haven’t found your book in our home area:( I know that I can order more though from you…thanks! My daughters both Loved the books I gave them.
    Marilyn Miller

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